Advanced technology machinery

Advanced technology machinery

• 1 24 x 3 meter table equipped with 1 Hypertherm HPR400XD plasma cutting machine with ROTATIVE HEAD (5 axles) for beveling, equipped with drill for making holes up to 32 mm diameter with the possibility of threading them up to 24 mm.

• 1 12 x 3 meter table equipped with 1 Kjellberg HiFocus280i plasma cutting machine with linear guiding for achieving the best finishes of pieces between 2 mm. and 20 mm.

• 1 14 x 2.5 meter table equipped with 1 Hypertherm HPR130 plasma cutting machine.

The machines are programmed using the CAD of our technical office achieving finishes with minimum tolerance and thereby reducing non-conformities. 

We offer the possibility of marking the pieces for later identification or their future transformation processes.