Hydraulic Braking Presses


Wide Range of Tools

Sheet metal of 0.6mm to 50mm thickness

Hydraulic Braking Presses


TAPASA has 4 hydraulic braking presses all of which are equipped with CNC for bending up to a length of 7.1 meters and a force of up to 630 tons. TAPASA also has a wide range of tools (dies and punches) for doing practically any bending of sheet metal from 0.6 mm to 50 mm thickness.

We bend:

• Gutters and purlins

• Trimming and ridge caps.

• Side panels, floor panels, and accessories for agricultural trailers and dumping trailers.

• Hoppers.

• Maritime transport containers.

• Special folding processes for thick sheet metal, anti-wear sheet metal, high limit elastic sheet metal, etc.

• Transformations and connectors.